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Wallets Terminology

In this tutorial, you will find all the necessary information about the wallet section.

Please keep in mind, if you are not planning to place orders on short notice, you should always store your crypto in your own wallet. Exchanges are not banks! Deposit - Trade - Withdraw, that's the path everyone should follow!

Let's start the wallet tour!

How to wallets?
Txbit wallets


A On the top left, you can see two sliders. At first, you will see the 'hide zero balances' slider. When you turn this slider on, a filter is applied to the list of wallets only to show wallets with an available balance. The other slider is an excellent tool for taking a screenshot or when other people are in the room with you. When you turn this slider on, the balances will not appear on your screen but will be masked with asterisk characters.

B The list of wallets has several columns, including the asset's logo (depending on the screen width), name, and ticker.

C These columns will show the total balance, available balance, and the locked balance for orders. (Total balance - in orders = available balance)

D This column shows the value of the asset in BTC and US Dollars.

E The last column contains four buttons: Markets, Deposit, Withdrawal, and Convert.
Markets This button will show a popup with the available markets for this asset. You can immediately jump to the trading interface to make trades.
Deposit This button navigates you to the deposit page for this asset.
Withdrawal This button navigates you to the withdrawal page for this asset.

The convert button is only available for assets with a wrapped version available on Txbit, like Solaris (XLR and WXLR). This button navigates you to the conversion service to convert between native and wrapped versions of that asset. When the button is disabled, it means that there is no wrapped version available for that asset.

F When you hover your mouse over the info sign, a popup will show where you can see information about the status of the wallet (online or offline), the block height, the date and time of the last found block, and the current total supply.


Markets button disabled

The market button is disabled when the markets are closed. The reason for disabling can be that the project will be delisted. Check the status page of the project for more information.

Convert button disabled

The convert function is only available for projects with a wrapped version. When the button is disabled, it means that there isn't a wrapped version available on Txbit for this project.

Wallet status offline

The status of the wallet can be red when the wallet is offline. The wallet can be temporarily in maintenance. Check the status page of the project for more information.

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