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System Status Terminology

In this tutorial, you will find all the necessary information about the 'System Status' section, including the Wallet Status.

Let's begin the System Status tour!

System status
Txbit system status overview

System status

Deposits column
This section provides you with information about the status of specific wallet deposits. There are two options: Online (green) or Offline (red). If you make a deposit when the wallet is disabled for deposits, the deposit will be pending until the wallet is open for deposits. This is an automatic process.

There are various reasons why deposits may be disabled. In the note section (last column), you will see the reason for disabling deposits.

Withdrawal column
This gives you information about the status of the withdrawals of the specific wallet. There are two options: Online (green) or Offline (red). When withdrawals are disabled, you will see the reason for disabling them in the note section (last column).

Trade column
This section provides information about the status of trading for a specific wallet, indicated by either Online (green) or Offline (red). Trading may be disabled for various reasons, such as delisting or issues with the project, or fraudulent trading behavior. You can find the reason for disabling trading in the note section, located in the last column.

Pending deposits
The number of pending deposits for each wallet is also displayed. Deposits can remain pending due to the required number of confirmations, which can vary depending on the project or asset being deposited.

Pending withdrawals
The number of pending withdrawals is displayed. If you don't click on the confirmation link in the withdrawal confirmation email, the withdrawal will remain pending.

This column provides further details on the reason for a project's status, which could include delisting, waiting for a fix or developer, or waiting for a swap.

Info button
Clicking on the 'info' button will take you to the system page of the project.

Txbit project info

System status

The full name of the project

The ticker symbol of the project. Please keep in mind that it is possible for two projects to have the same ticker symbol.

Asset type
This shows the asset type of the project: Coin or token

Current total supply
The total supply of the project, which we are getting from the blockchain.

Market capitalization
This shows the Fully Diluted Market Cap (FDC). FDC is calculated by multiplying the total supply by the current price.

Consensus type
This gives you information about the process a group of peers or nodes on a network determine which transactions are valid and which are not, for example:

PoW = Proof of work
PoS = Proof of stake
DPoS = Delegated Proof of Stake
PoA = Proof of Activity

This displays the algorithm used by the project, such as SHA-256 (Secure Hash Algorithm 2), Ethash, Aura, or other algorithms

Social Media
Links to the project's social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Discord, and YouTube.

Official website
Link to the official website of the project.

Block explorer
Link to the block explorer of the project.

Source code
Link to the source code on Github.

Announcement page
Link to the announcement page on Bitcointalk.

Link to Coinmarketcap.

Bid price
The best bid price for the asset.

This displays the project's status as either online or offline. The wallet may be offline for various reasons, such as issues with the blockchain or wallet.

Block height
This shows the block height of our wallet for the project.

Last block
The date and time of the last found block.

This will only be visible when there is a note. The note provides a reason for the offline status or other important announcements, such as delisting.

Balance Sheet

For every project, we have a balance sheet, which gives you information about the holdings. The date of the last update, the hot wallet balance, the cold wallet balance, total deposits, and total withdrawals.

For projects that have a wrapped version on Txbit, please note that the balance sheet may not be representative.

Balance sheet


In the right column, you will see the available trading pairs for the selected market. If you check the information sheet of a coin that serves as a base market, such as Bitcoin or Tether, then this column will be empty as there are no pairs available for trading against that market.


No available markets

First, the project may be listed but the markets are not yet open. Second, the coin you are looking at may be a base market, such as Bitcoin or Tether, and therefore no markets are available for trading. Third, the project may be scheduled for delisting, in which case the markets are closed.

Wallet status offline

When the wallet is offline or undergoing maintenance, its status will be displayed in red. To get more information about the maintenance schedule, please refer to the status page of the specific project.

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