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How to withdraw?

To minimize the risk of errors, we recommend that all customers review our tutorials, such as this guide on how to withdraw funds. Additionally, if you do not plan to execute trades in the near future, it is advisable to store your cryptocurrency in your own wallet, as exchanges are not banks. The correct process to follow is: deposit, trade, and then withdraw.

When withdrawing funds, please read the instructions carefully and follow them closely. Please note that it is not possible to transfer assets between Txbit accounts.

How to withdraw?
Wallets overview

Step 1

Go to Txbit.io and click on the WALLETS menu item in the top menu of the website. This will display all the coins and tokens available on Txbit. You can use the search bar at the top left of the page to quickly find the cryptocurrency wallet you want to withdraw.

Step 2

From top to bottom:

1 First, make sure you have selected the correct asset. In this example, we want to withdraw some Txbit Tokens.

2 Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

3 Set the receiving address. This can be your local wallet. Double-check your address to avoid sending your assets to the wrong address, as this could result in loss of your withdrawal. Note that transferring between Txbit accounts is not possible.

4 Verify that the supported network matches before you withdraw.

5 The amount of the withdrawal fee you will pay will be calculated here.

6 Enter the password for your Txbit account.

7 If you have enabled 2FA, enter the 2FA code. Otherwise, leave this field blank.

Txbit wallet
Confirmation mail

Step 3

To confirm your withdrawal, click the confirmation link that we've sent to your email address. Please check your inbox, and in case you don't see it there, check your spam folder. Once you've opened the withdrawal confirmation email, review all the information carefully and make sure that it's correct. Finally, click the 'CONFIRM' button in the email to confirm the withdrawal.

Step 4

Once you have requested a withdrawal, we will typically process it immediately. However, if you want to check the status of your withdrawal, simply go to your Txbit Dashboard and look for the 'WITHDRAWALS' section. Here, you can view both your pending withdrawals and your withdrawal history. Pending withdrawals are those that are waiting for confirmation, while confirmed withdrawals can be found in your withdrawal history.

withdrawal confirmed


Withdrawal based on the wrong network

Withdrawals made on the wrong network can result in a loss of your funds, so it's important to ensure that the receiving exchange supports the network you're withdrawing to. When making a withdrawal, Txbit will start the automatic withdrawal process as soon as you click the Withdrawal Confirmation button in your email, and there is no way to stop this process once initiated. Always make sure that the network is supported on the other side and check if it corresponds with Txbit's supported network. For example, USDT is only supported on the BSC network on Txbit. If you have any issues with a withdrawal, contact the receiving exchange with your TxID.

Withdrawal is pending

Please ensure that you confirm your withdrawal by using the link provided in the confirmation email. The link is only valid for 30 minutes, and if your withdrawal was submitted more than 30 minutes ago, you should cancel the withdrawal by clicking the small 'X'. The balance will be credited back to your account, allowing you to submit a new withdrawal. Be sure to carefully read the instructions and confirm the withdrawal by email to avoid any issues.

Withdrawal to wrong address

Txbit will initiate the automatic withdrawal process as soon as you click the Withdrawal Confirmation button in your email. Once initiated, it is not possible to stop the process. Additionally, it is not possible for Txbit to locate or recover the funds due to the nature of how blockchain operates. If you have sent your coins to the wrong address by mistake, you should try other means to locate and/or contact the recipient of your funds.

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