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How to withdraw?

To reduce the risks of making mistakes, we advise every customer to take notice of our tutorials, like this tutorial on how to withdraw your funds.

Please keep in mind, if you are not planning to place orders on short notice, you should always store your crypto in your own wallet. Exchanges are not banks! Deposit - Trade - Withdraw, that's the path everyone should follow!

Please carefully follow the instructions during the withdrawal process.

Please note that: Withdrawing assets between Txbit Accounts is not possible!

How to withdraw?
Wallets overview

Step 1

Go to Txbit.io and click on the WALLETS menu item in the top menu of the website. It will show you all the coins and tokens that are available on Txbit. From here, you can search for the cryptocurrency wallet that you would like to withdraw with the search bar at the top left of the page to find the wallet you are seeking quickly.

Step 2

From top to bottom:

1 First, check if you have chosen the right asset. In this example, we want to withdraw some Txbit Tokens.

2 Fill out the amount

3 Set the receiving address. The address can be your local wallet. Please check and double-check your address. Sending your assets to the wrong address can result in losing your withdrawal. Please note: Transfering between Txbit accounts is not possible.

4 The supported network. Please check before you withdraw if the supported network corresponds.

5 The amount of the withdrawal fee you pay will be calculated here.

6 Enter the password of your Txbit account.

7 If you enabled 2FA, please enter the 2FA code. Otherwise, you leave this field empty.

Txbit wallet
Confirmation mail

Step 3

You will need to confirm the withdrawal by clicking the confirmation link we just sent to your email address. Open the withdrawal confirmation email from your inbox. In some cases the email can be in your spam folder instead of your inbox. Please review if all information in the withdrawal confirmation is correct and click on the 'CONFIRM' button in the email.

Step 4

In most cases, we will process the withdrawal immediately. However, when you want to check the withdrawal status, go to your Txbit Dashboard. First, find the 'WITHDRAWALS' section. Here you will find the pending withdrawals and your withdrawal history. The withdrawals you already confirmed are in the withdrawal history, and the withdrawals that still need to be confirmed are in the pending withdrawals section.

withdrawal confirmed


Withdrawal based on the wrong network

Withdrawals based on the wrong network will most likely result in a loss of your funds. Contact the receiving exchange with your TxID. Txbit will start the automatic withdrawal process as soon as you click the Withdrawal Confirmation button in your e-mail. There is no way to stop this process once initiated. Always make sure that the network is supported on the other side. Check if the network corresponds with our supported network. For example, we only support USDT on the BSC network.

Withdrawal is pending

Please make sure you have confirmed the withdrawal by using the link from the confirmation email sent to you. The link is valid for 30 minutes, and if you submitted the withdrawal longer than 30 minutes ago, you should cancel the withdrawal by clicking the small 'X'. The balance will be credited to your account so that you can submit a new withdrawal. This time, ensure you read the instructions and confirm the withdrawal by email.

Withdrawal to wrong address

Txbit will start the automatic withdrawal process as soon as you click the Withdrawal Confirmation button in your e-mail. There is no way to stop this process once initiated. It is also impossible for txbit to locate or attempt to recover the funds due to how blockchain operates. If you have sent your coins to the wrong address by mistake, please use other means to try and locate and/or contact the recipient of your funds.

Txbit support ticket

Create a support ticket

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It is important that you fill out all the requested information to ensure that your ticket is processed quickly. We strive to solve support tickets within 24 hours.

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