Txbit Signup

How to sign up?

Txbit Exchange

Go to Txbit. Click on the signup button.

1. Enter your email address. Our advice to customers is to use an email address that they often use. Important announcements will be sent by mail, so when you enter an email address that you actively use, you don't miss any announcement.
2. Enter a password and repeat the password. Use a strong password with characters, numbers, and punctuation marks. Do not use the same password anywhere else.
3. Enter a referral code when you got one and leave it empty when you do not have one.
4. To make sure that you are human, please tick the captcha box.
5. Click on the signup button to complete your registration.

Txbit Signup
Txbit Signup

You will now only need to activate your account. We have sent you an email for that. Go to your mailbox and open the activation email. To activate your account, click on the confirmation link or copy/paste it into the address bar of your browser.

You have successfully signed in!

Txbit Signup complete