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How to signup?

Open a free Txbit account and start trading! It is an easy job, but maybe you can use some extra tips and tricks.

Keep your account extra secure with our tips!
1 Use a strong and unique password
2 Password must be at least 8 characters (we recommend more) in length and use both upper- and lower-case letters. Include at least one number and punctuation mark (possible symbols are: ! # $ @ _ ' + , ? [ ] . -)
3 Check and double-check your email address, you cannot change your username after signing up
4 Keep your password private
5 Never allow your web browser to save your password
More tips? Please read our safety guideline!

How to signup?
Txbit signup

Step 1

Go to Txbit. Click on the signup button.
1 Enter your email address. We advise you to use an email address that you use regularly. Important announcements, like withdrawal confirmations, will be sent by mail, so when you enter an email address that you actively use, you don't miss any announcements.
2 Enter a password and repeat the password. Use a strong password with characters, numbers, and punctuation marks. Use a unique password and don't use this password somewhere else.
3 Enter a referral code when you got one and leave it empty when you do not have one.
4 To make sure that you are human, please tick the captcha box.
5 Click on the signup button to complete your registration.

Step 2

After signing up, you will be sent a confirmation email to your email address. If you do not see the email, please check your spam folder. Click on the 'ACTIVATE' button in the email to activate your account.

You will be redirected to the successfully activated account page. You can now proceed and login into your account. We strongly suggest enabling 2FA immediately after signing up.

Signup activation


Not receiving activation email

1 Please make sure you are checking the exact same email address that you used for signing up.

2 Check the spam and trash folders in your email inbox.

3 A small delay can be caused by network issues. Please refresh your mailbox.

4 Keep in mind, if you are using a corporate email address, that maybe some security interceptions may block the mail.

5 Maybe your mailbox storage is full.

6 We recommend adding [email protected] to your mailbox whitelist.

The activation failed

There are two reasons why the activation will be failed: First, the activation link is not working. Please check if the link does not contain any leading or trailing spaces. Or your account is already activated.

Txbit support ticket

Create a support ticket

Did this information not help you to resolve your issue on your own? Receive help from our experts by creating a support ticket.

It is important that you fill out all the requested information to ensure that your ticket is processed quickly. We strive to solve support tickets within 24 hours.

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