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How to referral program?

Refer your friends to Txbit Exchange using your Referral ID, Referral QR Code, or Referral Link, and earn a commission of 25% on the trading fee paid by your referred friend. The commission fee will be instantly credited to your account in the same base currency as the trade. There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer, and the referral bonus has no expiration date. You can view your referral payments in the Referral Program module in your account settings. There is no limit on the amount you can earn through the referral program. Txbit reserves the right to change the terms of the referral program at any time, based on relevant factors.

How to join referral program?
How to join Txbit referral program?

Referral program

Each account is assigned a unique Referral Code, which can be used during account registration. You can also share your Referral Link with friends online or use the social media buttons to instantly share it. When someone clicks on your link, a cookie is created on their browser that expires in 1 year. If they create an account within that period, they will be recorded as your referee. If they use a different Referral Link, it will overwrite the existing cookie. However, using a Referral ID during registration takes precedence over existing cookies and uses the Referral ID as the referral.

Referral Code
Your referral code is a unique code linked to your account that others can use when creating an account. This helps us track who you have invited.

Users referred
Our system records how many users have used your referral code to create an account.

Referral link
Besides using a referral code, you can also use a referral link to invite friends. This link can be shared on social media platforms like Twitter or any other platform you prefer.

QR code
Another option is to use the referral QR code to invite friends. You can copy the QR code and share it on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. Get creative with how you promote it!

Social media
You can easily share your Referral Link with your friends online by using the available social channel buttons, or by copying and pasting the link.

Your commission will be paid in the same base currency as the trade that your referee completes.

The date and time of the trade. The date and time of the trade will be recorded and used to calculate the commission fee for the referral program.

The commission amount you receive will be 25% of the trading fee.

You receive 25% of the trading fee paid by your friend. In this example, your friend paid a trading fee of 2 USDT for a trade worth 100 USDT, so you would receive 0.5 USDT as commission. This commission will be added to your balance in the same base currency as the trade.


I have referred users, but I haven't received any payouts yet.

It's important to note that you will only receive a payout when the user you referred completes a trade.

Is there a limit on earnings?

No, there are no limits on what you can earn through the referral program.

Will I earn a commission on the withdrawal fee?

No, the referral program only applies to the trading fee.

Is KYC required to participate in the referral program?

No, KYC is not mandatory, although we strongly recommend completing the verification process.

Can I change my referral code?

No, it is not possible to change your referral code.

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