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How to login?

Once you've activated your account, you can log in to your Txbit account.

Keep your account extra secure with our tips:
1. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to add an extra layer of security.
2. Use a long, complex password with a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols.
3. Never share your password with anyone.
4. Don't reuse the same password on other accounts.
5. Change your Txbit password regularly.
6. Install and regularly update good antivirus software.
7. Don't allow your web browser to save your passwords.

For more tips, please read our safety guidelines!

How to login?
Txbit how to login form

To log in to your Txbit account, follow these steps:

1 Go to Txbit and click on the Login button.
2 Enter the email address you used to sign up.
3 Enter your password.
4 If you've enabled 2FA, enter your 2FA code.
5 Complete the captcha to verify that you're human.

If you forget your password, you can use the 'Forgot password' link to reset it.

Congratulations! You have successfully signed in!


If you receive an "invalid login" message, please check the following:

1 Did you enter the correct email address?
2 Did you enter a valid password?
3 Maybe you recently changed your password?
4 Check for any extra spaces before or after the password.
5 Is the "Password" field prefilled with an old password?
6 Is your caps lock on?
7 Please check to ensure that you have activated your account.
8 Are you certain that you don't have 2FA on your account?
9 If all else fails, try resetting your password.

Please note that after 5 consecutive failed login attempts, your account may be locked.

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