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How to export trade and order history?

At our platform, we offer our customers the ability to download and export their trade history and order history for their convenience. This information can be useful for tax reporting or for personal record-keeping and administration. To learn how to access and download your trade history and order history, please follow these simple steps.

How to export trades and orders?
Dashboard export trades or orders

Step 1

To access your trade history and order history, simply log in to your account and navigate to your dashboard. Once you're on your dashboard, look for the "Export to Excel" section, where you'll find two options:

  • Export your trade history
  • Export your order history

Step 2

Once you're on your dashboard and in the "Export to Excel" section, you'll see all your trades or orders, depending on the option you've chosen. You can add filters to your trades to narrow down your data, such as:

  • Period: choose the specific period of time you want to download your trades for
  • Pair: filter your trades to show only those from a specific trading pair
  • Type: choose to show only sell, buy, or all orders
When you're ready to export your trades, simply click on the "Export to Excel" button

Overview trades
Download trade

Step 3

Your trades or orders, depending on the option you've selected, will be downloaded in Excel format (.csv). You can open the downloaded file in any spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, and use it to analyze your trading activity, calculate profits and losses, and more.

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