How to deposit?

How to deposit?

Txbit Exchange

Deposit your cryptos to an exchange can sometimes be a moment of stress. With every movement of your crypto, there is always a chance that sometimes goes wrong. A good reason for learning and reading more about how to deposit your crypto to Txbit.

Keep in mind: Do not use an exchange for storage your cryptocurrency. Want to know more about this? Please read our responsible trading guideline for more information and tips.


Go to and click on the WALLETS tab. You see all the coins and tokens that are listed on Txbit. Search for the cryptocurrency wallet that you would like to deposit into. You may use the search bar at the top left of the page to quickly find the wallet you are seeking.



If you have already an address, then you can skip this step! Generate New address by clicking the Generate Address button. When succeed you will see your address and a QR code.


Now you can choose two options: You can copy your address or you can use the QR code, both have the same address. Click the Copy Address button to quickly copy the address to your clipboard.

Copy address


Right now it is not possible to deposit coins or token-based on another blockchain. For example, it is not possible to deposit USDT based on BNB smart chain or TRX. Please check, before you do anything if the network is corresponding.


Go to your own wallet or other exchange to paste the address to deposit the funds to your address. Please check the address before you push the button!


You may track the progress of your Deposit on the Txbit exchange by looking at the DEPOSITS section. You may click on the Transaction to expand to view more details about it.


1. Sending coins or tokens to the wrong address will result in a loss of your deposit! For example, send only BTC to your BTC address and ETH to your ETH address.

2. Do not send coins or tokens based on another chain to Txbit! We do not support this kind of transaction. This will result in a loss of your deposit. For example, USDT based on TRX.

3. For some deposits, you must fill in a Memo, tag, or Payment Id. If you don't, it will result in a loss of your deposit.

4. Please do not use your Txbit address to use for mining or Multi payment transfer. This will result in a loss of your deposit.

Please, read always the text on the deposit page. For every coin or token can the instruction be different.

Deposit warning