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How to convert wrapped tokens?

Project listed on Txbit can add the extra option to create a wrapped ERC20 version of the project. Users can convert their balances between the wrapped and the native version of your asset with a click of the mouse. This allows the project to also list your asset on popular platforms like Uniswap or other decentralized (DeFi) platforms.

Not every project on Txbit have a wrapped version of the project. When the convert button on the wallet section is disabled, this means the project has'nt a wrapped version.

How to convert?
Txbit convert to wrapped tokens

Convert tool

First, check if you have chosen the right asset. In this example, we have chosen voor PRCY, which we convert into WPRCY (wrapped version). It is also possible to do it reverse: WPRCY into PRCY.

To convert PRCY into WPRCY - you click on the PRCY button on the wallet section
To convert WRPCY into PRCY - you click on the WPRCY button on the wallet section.

Set the amount that you want to convert. If you wish to convert your whole balance, you can use the 'ALL' button.

Enter the password of your Txbit account.

2FA code
If you have 2FA enabled on your account, please enter a 2FA code. Otherwise, leave this field empty.


The convert tool for wrapped versions is free of charge. Please keep in mind that this only applies to the convert tool.


Convert button disabled

The convert function is only available for projects with a wrapped version. When the button is disabled, it means that there isn't a wrapped version available on Txbit for this project.

Is the circulation doubled with a wrapped version?

No, the wrapped version of the coin is on a host blockchain. But this doesn't mean that the circulation will be doubled. You still have the same amount of coins, but now you can choose on which blockchain you want to get your coins.

Can I withdraw the wrapped tokens?

Yes, you can withdraw the wrapped tokens. Please keep in mind that the received address support the network.

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