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How to change password

In this tutorial, we explain how you can change your password. This is only possible when you know your current password.

When you lost your password and want to change your password? Please read the tutorial: Forgot password

How to change password?

Step 1

Login into your account. Click on the icon in the top menu (on the left of the language option).

Click on 'Settings'

Step 2

The menu of settings will open. Then tap Change Password.

Submenu change password
Txbit change password

Step 3

Fill out your current password, new password, and your 2FA code. If you disabled 2FA, leave this field empty.

Tips and tricks


Password must be at least 8 characters (we recommend more) in length and use both upper- and lower-case letters. Include at least one number and punctuation mark (possible symbols are: ! # $ @ _ ' + , ? [ ] . -)

Keep your password private

Don't give your password to anyone! Keep your password on a safe place.


Use a unique password, don't use your password twice.


Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for extra security.

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