How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication?

Txbit Exchange

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a method of establishing access to be an online account or computer system that requires the user to provide two different types of information. With 2FA you protect your account with two factors or locks, creating an extra layer of security.

The two factors for Txbit are a password and a verification code (2FA). In this article, we will goude you trough the process of enabling 2FA.



Go to Txbit, login to your account, and go to your dashboard. You can see that the Two-factor authentication is OFF. Click on the button.

Txbit 2FA
Install 2FA app


Install 2FA app

Install the 2FA app on your mobile device. Click on one of the buttons depending on the operation system of your mobile device.


Scan QR Code

After installing the authenticator app you can click on the plus sign in the bottom right corner to add Txbit to your app. Scan the QR code that you see on Txbit Settings.

Txbit QRcode


2FA Code

After scanning the QR code, a new entry has been added that shows the 2FA code that you should use when logging into your account.


Backup code

If you lose access to your Two-Factor application you will be able to configure a new device with the backup code. Without the backup code, you will be required to contact support and provide specific information regarding your account to prove the ownership.

IMPORTANT: Write down the backup code!

Txbit 2FA backup code
Txbit 2FA enable


Enable 2FA

Copy the generated code in your authentication app and enter the code to the field 2FA CODE on Txbit. And click on ENABLE 2FA to activate.


And check...

2FA is now enabled for your account. Go to your dashboard to verify if it had succeeded. Instead of the status shows OFF, now it must show ON.

Txbit 2FA

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Write down the backup code! If you lose your backup code, you lose access to your account! Keep your backup code in a safe place.