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Txbit Exchange Guidelines

We provide all the information you need to deposit, trade, and withdraw responsibly. Our guidelines offer tips and tricks on responsible trading, safety, and the delisting procedure. Even if you are an experienced trader, we recommend that you review the guidelines.

Responsible Trading Guideline

How to become a responsible trader!

Cryptocurrency can be enticing, but it also involves risks. Investing in crypto comes with the possibility of losing some or all of your funds. It is important to understand the risks and how to mitigate them when making your crypto investment choices. Here, we provide information on the various risks and offer guidance on how to make responsible investment decisions.

Responsible Trading Guideline Tip!
Responsible trading guideline

Know Your Customer Guideline

For a smooth verification process!

You can request customer identification by logging into your account and filling out the complete form in the settings section. We strive for quick processing of your request 24/7. Before submitting your application, please read the manual to ensure it meets all requirements and make your identification process easier.

Know Your Customer Guideline
KYC Guideline

Safety Guideline

Good safety practice!

In this safety guideline, we provide you with tips and information on how to secure your funds and data. While we take all necessary measures to keep your data safe, you can also take precautions to ensure the safety of your funds.

Safety Guideline
Txbit Safety guideline

Delisting guideline

Trading suspensions & delistings

Txbit can decide to delist a project or suspend trading at any time. There are several factors that can lead to delisting or suspend trading.

Delisting Guideline
Txbit Delisting guideline