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Delisting guideline

Trading suspensions & delistings

Txbit can decide to delist a project or suspend trading at any time. There are several factors that can lead to delisting or suspend trading, including:

1 When there is no more team commitment to the project
2 Low average trading volumes over long periods of time
3 Level of public communication from the project team
4 Technical or security issues with blockchain
5 Evidence of unethical or fraudulent behavior
6 Responsiveness to due diligence requests
7 On request of the development team
8 Other reasons, for which the exchange deems conducting business with the project unacceptable or risky

Txbit reserves the right to suspension trading or delisting a project at any time without advance notice.

Txbit Delisting procedure

Txbit delisting procedure



Before the announcement, we will halt trading on the markets. All open orders will be cancelled in order to prevent the entire buy order book from being executed at once.



We will publish the delisting announcement on our social media channels, including Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and Medium.



After the delisting announcement, users have 8 weeks to withdraw their funds. During this period, we will:
- Remind users on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord;
- Issue a final call on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.



After the delisting, withdrawals will no longer be possible, so it is important to withdraw your funds before the deadline.


Keep in mind....

Deposit, trade, withdraw

If you don't plan to trade immediately, store your crypto in a personal wallet, as exchanges are not banks.

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Your responsibility

It is your own responsibility to stay informed about the cryptocurrencies you own.

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