Rocket going to the moon

The meaning of Moon

If you are new to cryptocurrency and blockchain, then you probably heard a lot of words that made very little sense. Don't worry, you are not alone. Like any industry, crypto universe is full of unique terminilogy and slangs, often used among crypto users in chat groups and articles. But what does "moon" mean?

Often used as a verb to describe a cryptocurrency that is in an upward market trend, "mooning" or "going to the moon" is widely used term among cryptocommunities, altough not limited to crypto alone. The "when moon?" a meme has long been popular on Twitter and other social media platforms where cryptocurrency enthusiasts discuss crypto. The term comes from the saying ”bitcoin will go to the moon” which is a reference to bitcoin’s potential to substantially increase in value over time.

It is, however, worth noting that the term has been overused and rarely matching the market uptrend. More than anything it is an expression used by influencers and enthusiasts to try and persuade other users to buy a certain cryptocurrency. This was particulary widespread in 2017 bull market.